Transnational Project Meeting

Transnational Project Meeting

To carry out the four different outputs of the project within 24 months, three physical project meetings were planned with the stakeholders. Face-to-face meetings are important in order to create a common culture by sharing national identity, national culture, and values. It is thought that these meetings, which will be held face to face with mutual interaction, will turn into a social science environment. Thus, a common cultural space will be created and cultural and social dialogue will be developed among the stakeholders. Researchers from each stakeholder related to the meeting agenda will attend these project meetings. Researchers who will participate in these project meetings should be the ones related to the specific project results, which will constitute the agenda of the meeting. These meetings are important in terms of observing the working environments of the partners in different countries. The meetings to be held at Kastamonu University, Instituut voor Turkse Studies, Integratie en Onderzoek, and YADOT will provide the opportunity for all partners to observe the work of institutions from different fields. For these meetings, the profile and number of the participants are specified in the relevant section.

  • The meeting to be hosted by Kastamonu University in October 2022, the participants are going to sign a memorandum of understanding (partnership agreement) to improve relations between partners, and to clarify duties and responsibilities. The plans will include revising potential risks, sharing works and adjusting (revising) people's timelines.

  • The second meeting will be held in the middle of the project, in May 2023, in Belgium, hosted by Instituut voor Turkse Studies, Integratie en Onderzoek. In this monitoring and evaluation meeting, findings, outputs and what needs to be done for the development of the project will be discussed. At the same time, the monitoring, evaluation activities, budget review and evaluation of the results (intellectual output) obtained until the meeting date will be planned.

  • The third meeting of the project will be the final meeting. YADOT will host this meeting to be held in Istanbul in May 2024. The main agenda of the meeting will be the discussion of the details of the final report. In addition, the decisions taken regarding sustainability will be reviewed at various meetings throughout the project. In case the meetings do not take place physically due to unforeseen circumstances (Pandemics, Natural Disasters, etc.), they will be held as online meetings.