Learning, Teaching, Training, Activities

Learning, Teaching, Training, Activities

Students, along the LTT at the seminars and workshops will gain rich knowledge about features to consider when preparing materials intended for bilingual Turkish youth and young migrants in Turkey also they will learn digital transformations and especially innovative informations about improving speech skill with diagram system and they will have chance to practical these informations with the reasearchers.

Young language instructors or language teacher candidates will be taken to an intensive learning environment in this activity, which will last 4 days, and these candidates will have the opportunity to practice after each seminar. Compared to other skills speaking skill is less studied in this project they will have the opportunity to apply at the material development level on the needs of bilingual Turkish youth and young immigrants in Turkey. As a result of these practices, these young people will learn in a practical way what characteristics the materials they will produce in the future should have. Young language instructors will transfer what they have learned as part of LTT to their professional lives, both increasing their own equipment and making the project results widespread in the long run.

When young language instructors have this equipment, the needs of the 1st and 2nd target groups of the project will also be met. In addition, young language teachers participating in the LTT activity are expected to transfer these skills to the institutions where they currently work/study/volunteer.

Another focus of LTT is the use of digital tools in language teaching (especially speaking skills) by young language teachers/candidates. While a seminar to be held within the scope of LTT will focus on how the existing tools can be used effectively in speaking skills, a seminar will focus specifically on how the diagram system creates an interactive speech chain. With the workshops to be held, young language instructors and language teacher candidates will be given the opportunity to practice under the guidance of researchers who produce the project results about what the diagram system is, what its effects can be, and how to use it.