Transnational Project Meeting

Monitoring and Evaluation Meeting

The monitoring and evaluation meeting of the Language Tree Project was held in Belgium in September 2023. Project partners and stakeholders gathered to assess the progress of work packages and make strategic decisions for the future.

One of the main agenda items of the meeting was the current status of the work packages and the tasks to be completed in the future. Partners presented the progress of their respective work packages, providing insights into the overall direction of the project. The successes achieved and challenges encountered within the work packages were discussed.

Participants shared their experiences and opinions through discussions following each work package presentation. This process focused on the extent to which the work packages met the set objectives and the path to be followed in the upcoming period.

The meeting also included discussions on potential issues that may arise in the later stages of the project and the measures to be taken against these issues. Participants exchanged ideas on the necessary measures and strategies to ensure the successful completion of the project.

The identified measures included more effective use of communication channels, reviewing risk management plans, and enhancing collaboration among project partners.

In the final part of the meeting, decisions were made regarding the activities and events to be held during the remaining period of the project. In this context, it was decided to organize various training programs, seminars, and workshops to achieve the project objectives. Additionally, it was emphasized that communication and dissemination activities should be increased to ensure that the project's results reach a wider audience.

Within the scope of these dissemination activities, the upcoming Learning Teaching and Training (LTT) event holds great importance. The LTT event will provide a platform for sharing the methods and materials developed within the project and discussing innovative approaches in language teaching. Moreover, the ISOHTEL conference to be held in 2024 will offer a critical opportunity for presenting the project's results to the international academic community and reaching a broader audience.

The meeting concluded with positive feedback from participants and hopeful expectations for the future. This significant meeting of the Language Tree Project in Belgium facilitated the making of crucial decisions contributing to the project's success and marked a promising step for the project's future.

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